11 Mar/19
00:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Ends: 22 Mar/19 19:30

High Gradient Wakefield Accelerator, 11-22 March 2019, Sesimbra, Portugal


Hotel Do Mar , Sesimbra at Portugal


Only in the year 2014 CAS organized the previous course on “Plasma Wake Acceleration”, which found large interest in the community. Since this field is very rapidly evolving, CAS is organising again a course on “High Gradient Wakefield Acceleration” in spring 2019.

Following introductory lectures on plasma and laser physics, the course will cover the different components of a plasma wake accelerator and plasma as well as dielectric beam systems. An overview of the experimental studies, diagnostic tools and state of the art wake acceleration facilities, both present and planned, will complement the theoretical part.

The course will be of interest for a wide range of students and staff, working in or having an interest in the field of these new acceleration techniques.