10 Jun/20
11:00 - 12:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Introduction to Hacking


Vidyo: Computing Seminars at CERN


Everyone has sites and services that are available via Internet. Securing these services is a priority in a world where everyone is continuously under attack. However, the complexity of modern software is such that implication of design choices are not immediately clear. As a consequence a testing activity that actively looks for weak points and verifies their exploitability and properly communicates the findings to the security department becomes necessary.

This talk aims to provide a basic level of understanding of the main concepts and of state of mind that are necessary to do the job.

About the speaker

Vincenzo Ciaschini started as a developer and designer on AAI software, and subsequently moved to the operational side of security.  Right now he works on security at CNAF and in INFN's CSIRT and as the Italian NGI's Security Officer.