30 May/22
08:00 (Europe/Zurich)
Ends: 2 Jun/22 18:00

Neutrino 2022 - European Satellite Meeting

The purpose of this workshop is to offer European participants of the (virtual) Neutrino 2022 Conference, hosted virtually by our Korean colleagues, a platform to also meet in person.

Participants will have the possibility to join "public viewing" of the remote talks, and European speakers will be able to give their talks in front of a live audience (with broadcast to the rest of the world). We will complement the program with some in-person social activities, and with a forum for young neutrino physicists to complement their posters with live talks.

Depending on Covid restrictions at CERN, we will likely have to limit the number of participants. Applications will be open until May 13th, 2022, after which decisions on the final list of participants will be taken. Preference will be given to participants presenting a talk or poster at Neutrino 2022, with any remaining places distributed by lot.

There will be no registration fee for this satellite meeting, but participants are expected to be registered for the Neutrino 2022 conference.