1 Mar/23
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Noisy gates approach for simulating quantum computers


Online at CERN

In the seminar we present a novel method for simulating the noisy behavior of quantum computers, which allows to efficiently incorporate environmental effects in the driven evolution implementing the gates on the qubits. We show how to modify the noiseless gate executed by the computer to include any Markovian noise, hence resulting in what we will call a noisy gate. We test our method against the IBM Qiskit simulator and show that it follows more closely both the analytical evolution of the Lindblad equation as well as the behavior of a real quantum computer, thus offering a more accurate noise simulator of NISQ devices. The method is flexible enough to potentially describe any noise, including non-Markovian ones.

About the speakers

Giovanni di Bartolomeo and Michele Vischi are PhD students in the QMTS group at the University of Trieste. They are working together on the development of new techniques for the analysis of noise in quantum algorithms and error mitigation strategies.

Giovanni's main research interests are quantum information, open quantum systems and models of wave function collapse related to gravity.

Michele's main research interests are quantum computation, decoherence in quantum devices, and superconducting quantum circuits.

Francesco Cesa, Roman Wixinger, Michele Grossi, Sandro Donadi, Angelo Bassi