11 Jul/22
15:30 - 18:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Particle Beams


Restaurant 1 in front of UBS at CERN

Beams of electrons, pions, muons, kaons, and other particles emerging from the primary proton beams circulating in the CERN accelerator complex through intermediate targets are used for fixed target (FT) experiments for physics, and as test probe to understand the performance of R&D prototypes of particle detectors. In the workshop the students will be exposed in the key ideas behind the production and operation / handing of such beams. It is a hands-on experience with the real beams piloted from the CERN Control Centre (CCC) at Prevessin. 

You need to bring a mask, dosimeter, pens and notebooks!

Meeting Point is in R1 in front of UBS, at 15.30h. You will walk to b157 with the workshop organizers- please be on time:)