31 Jan/23
16:30 - 18:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Quantum Detectorology


Online only at CERN

I will talk about recent work studying asymptotic detector operators in weakly-coupled field theories. Detector operators describe measurements that can be performed at future null infinity in a collider experiment. The set of detectors depends on the dynamics of the theory. In a conformal field theory, detectors are identified with light-ray operators, thus bearing a direct relation to the spectrum of the theory. I will discuss how to renormalize the infrared divergences of general detector operators in perturbation theory, leading to detector anomalous dimensions. Our formalism allows for the resolution of intersections of Regge trajectories where nontrivial mixing occurs. Working with the Wilson-Fisher theory as an example, I will present an explicit expression for the Pomeron light-ray operator, as well as an improved prediction for the Regge intercept. Finally, I will discuss novel “Reggeized scalar” trajectories.