29 Sep/21
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

REMOTE: Federated Data Architectures




Lecture 1: Personal Data Store Interoperability
Personal Data Stores and Personal Cloud servers promise to give humans control over their online personas. By making sure the main copy of our personal data is hosted at a server which is ultimately controlled by the data subject, it becomes less likely that your personal data will be shared without your consent. But how do you share data between the various personal data store and personal platforms, such as Solid, ownCloud, Nextcloud, remoteStorage, etc.?


Bio Michiel de Jong:

Michiel de Jong is an expert in Personal Data Stores and Federated Bookkeeping. In the past he worked at Mozilla (makers of Firefox), Ripple (the popular cryptocurrency), and Inrupt (one of the companies offering Solid pod hosting). He co-founded various grassroots open source projects, including Unhosted, “Terms of Service; Didn’t Read”, LedgerLoops, “PDS Interop”, and most recently, Ponder Source: an earn-to-give company that provides open source building blocks for bookkeeping systems.