24 Jun/24
13:00 - 15:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Science Gateway exhibitions training CANCELLED


Meet at the Guides space (bdg 86)

Enthusiastic to help visitors Discover CERN? Want to accompany them on a journey Back to the Big Bang?  Passionate about all things Quantum

Discover the 3 new exhibition spaces in Science Gateway. Learn about how to encourage visitors to explore the exhibits and help empower them to make their own deductions, telling a few CERN stories along the way.

It’s perhaps an opportunity to change some vocations, to help a broad spectrum of public engage with science and have fun.

This training prepares you for guiding in the exhibition areas of Science Gateway, covering topics such as asking open questions to encourage exploration and some basic accessibility dos and don’ts. This is not a complete explanation of all the exhibition content and prospective guides will need to spend some additional time familiarising themselves with exhibits in the area they chose to guide.

Pre-requisites - ideally you will have followed the Science Communication course for guides and the Building information & Safety course before taking this training. But this is not obligatory, particularly in the run up to opening when all courses begin.  You should be at ease communicating in either English or French.  A minimum level of French is recommended, because of the number of local visitors expected, but it is not obligatory.

The number of participants per training is limited to 15. Therefore, should you not be able to join, please cancel your participation or inform us as soon as possible. The minimum number of participants to launch the training is 7, otherwise the training will be cancelled.