11 Jul/19
13:15 - 14:15 (Europe/Zurich)

Why the Higgs is light, why it has SM couplings to gauge bosons and fermions, where there are more Higgses to be found -- and a new result


4/2-037 at CERN

Current LHC data indicate that H(125) is either the single Higgs of the Standard Model or, to a good approximation, an “aligned Higgs”. We propose that it is the pseudo-Goldstone dilaton of Gildener and Weinberg. This naturally and, we conjecture, uniquely accounts for its low mass and its alignment. It further implies the existence of additional Higgs bosons in the range ~200 to ~550 GeV. We illustrate this in a version of a 2HDM of Lee and Pilaftsis. It is consistent with all published precision EW (LEP) and LHC (ATLAS & CMS) data. We propose tests to confirm or exclude this model at the LHC. These include surprising results on cubic and quartic scalar couplings and a prediction that di-Higgs production can be observed with Run 2 data.