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Nobel laureate François Englert signs ATLAS detector

François Englert signs a LEGO model of the ATLAS detector

27 fév. 2014 – François Englert signs part of a LEGO model of the ATLAS detector on his first visit to CERN since winning the Nobel prize for physics last year

Higgs boson decay to four muons

21 jan. 2014 – Protons collide at 14 TeV in this simulation from CMS, producing four muons. Lines denote other particles, and energy deposited is shown in blue

Peter Higgs visits the CMS experiment

17 jan. 2014 – Peter Higgs stands on the cavern floor at CMS, with the detector open for maintenance behind him

Simulated Higgs decays into four muons

16 jan. 2014 – In this simulation from ATLAS, two protons collide at 14 TeV, producing a Higgs boson that quickly decays into four muons (yellow tracks)

Simulated Higgs to two jets and two electrons

18 oct. 2013 – A simulation of a Higgs boson decaying into two jets of hadrons and two electrons. Particles are denoted with line, while energy deposited is in blue

A Nobel discovery

8 oct. 2013 – CERN Director-General Rolf Heuer addresses members of the ATLAS and CMS collaborations on receiving the news of a Nobel prize for Englert and Higgs

Simulated Higgs event to four muons

11 avr. 2013 – Two protons collide at 14 TeV in this simulation, decaying into four muons (red lines)

Higgs basket

26 mar 2013 – At a basketball game in Milan (Italy), Fernando Ferroni, head of the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN) wears a Higgs-boson shirt

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