17 sep/20
16:30 - 18:00 (Africa/Abidjan)

ASP Online Seminars: Introduction to amazing and diverse world of galaxies '(Part I)'

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Meeting ID: 951 9356 7359


This lecture will be a travel through diverse and beautiful world of 
galaxies presenting the introduction to extragalactic astronomy. We will 
introduce ourselves with different types of galaxies, their main 
properties and how do we measure them in astronomy, and with some of the 
main galaxy activities related with interactions and mergers, nuclear 
activity in galaxies, star formation, and galaxy groups and clusters. We 
will see an amazing progress that has been done over the past years 
thanks to development of multiwavelength astronomy, from gamma- and 
X-rays to radio, and some of the still open questions. Finally, we will 
briefly raise the importance of extragalactic astronomy research, how it 
can benefit our society even when studying the most distant sources in 
the Universe.