21 sep/21
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Probing electroweak boson self-interactions with ATLAS


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Measurements of multiboson production at the LHC probe the electroweak gauge structure of the Standard Model for contributions from anomalous couplings. Processes involving quartic gauge-boson self-interactions have only become experimentally accessible with the LHC Run-2 data through the study of electroweak diboson and triboson production. In this seminar, recent ATLAS results on the measurement of electroweak production of a Zgamma pair in association with two jets and the first observation of three W boson production are presented. Moreover, precise boson and diboson differential cross-section measurements are interpreted in a combined  Effective Field Theory analysis, allowing to systematically probe gauge boson self-interactions.

LHC Seminar - ATLAS: