2 déc/21
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Controlling the CERN Accelerator Complex

Engineering APIs for Accelerator Controls Software

This lecture will provide a general introduction to the challenges of developing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and integrating and evolving multiple APIs from different systems over time. It will go on to refer to real-life examples in the world of CERN Accelerator Controls, serving a large and heterogenous user community with a variety of technical and functional requirements. During the lecture, insights will be shared on technologies used and best practices when it comes to designing and developing scalable and reliable APIs.

Short bio Bartek Urbaniec

With a MSc in Computer Science, Bartek is a senior Controls engineer focused on topics of systems integration, configuration and full-stack software development. Prior to becoming a staff member in 2017, Bartek has worked in the CERN Controls domain for Cryogenics, other Industrial and accelerator controls systems. Since then, he has taken a leading role in the design and development of systems such as Timber and Accelerator Schedule Management. He is currently leading the Controls Configuration Service - a core component of the CERN Control System.