Wilton Park: The big bang and the interfaces of knowledge

This week, scientists from CERN were among those attending a Wilton Park meeting, held near Geneva on 23-25 July, where experts were invited to examine the different world-views of science, philosophy and theology, and consider what they share in terms of understanding.

This is the second time CERN scientists have attended the Wilton Park conference; in 2012 a meeting on the theme of "Science, theology and the big bang" aimed develop a common framework for dialogue between science and theology. The aim of this second conference is to widen the spectrum of scientists, theologians and philosophers involved and to deepen the dialogue towards a common understanding of truth.

Wilton Park is a forum for analysing and advancing the agenda on global policy challenges, bringing international experts together under the same roof to discuss issues of topical relevance. It organizes more than 50 events each year, providing a neutral environment where conflicting views can be expressed and debated calmly.

The meeting, which was organized in partnership with CERN, enabled scientists from a range of disciplines to enter into dialogue with philosophers and theologians from the world religions about the nature of the big bang theory. A report will be available in due course.