ALICE masterclasses

ALICE physicist Despina Hatzifotiadou explains the finer points of particle physics to students from France during the ALICE masterclass (Image: Anna Pantelia/CERN)

Sixty-five 17 and 18 year old students from the Lycée St. Marie, in la Verpillère, France visited the ALICE cavern today as part of the ALICE masterclass series. The students, accompanied by four teachers, had lectures on particle physics in the morning, and visited the LHC tunnel and ALICE point 2 in the afternoon.

Schools in Nantes and Orsay in France, Heidelberg in Germany and Sao Paulo in Brazil joined the two classes for a video conference later in the afternoon, where CERN moderators answered questions about the ALICE experiment and CERN.

Last year's participants of the ALICE masterclasses also visited the ALICE cavern.

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