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The Large Hadron Collider Tunnel during the 2018 YETS

LHC tunnel

25 Apr 2018 – Each year from December to April the LHC and its experiments shut down for maintanence

Stable beams!

3 Jun 2015 – In the CERN Control Centre, the LHC operations team as well as members of CERN management applaud the announcement of stable beams

LHC en rose

20 Oct 2014 – A pink glow illuminates the inside of this model of the LHC beam pipe, which is used to train engineers and technicians

Safety training

10 Jun 2014 – Members of CERN's management visit the life-size reproduction of the LHC tunnel used for safety training

Brazing past the finish line

CERN engineers and technicians in hard hats pose for a photo in the LHC tunnel. The blue tube of the accelerator is on the right

11 Mar 2014 – Members of the Superconducting Magnets And Circuits Consolidation (SMACC) team celebrate after finishing the brazing on the LHC

A nice splice

21 Feb 2014 – Engineers make precision measurements to some of the final splices on the LHC. Splices connect superconducting cables within the accelerator

Pass the screwdriver

28 Jan 2014 – An engineer works on an interconnection between dipole magnets on the Large Hadron Collider


18 Nov 2013 – Engineers carry out the final closures of interconnections between magnets in their assigned sectors of the LHC tunnel

Man versus magnet

12 Aug 2013 – Engineers replace a dipole magnet on the LHC using a system of pulleys

What a dump!

5 Aug 2013 – After a run at the LHC, beams are extracted from the accelerator and "dumped" - absorbed by steel-wrapped carbon cylinders in a cavern underground

The LHC by lamplight

6 May 2013 – A technician sheds some light on a interconnection between magnets in the LHC tunnel

Work continues

22 Apr 2013 – Work continues on interconnections between magnets on the Large Hadron Collider

Under-mountain biking

12 Apr 2013 – Technicians cycle to work inside the 27-kilometre LHC tunnel, which runs below the Jura mountains in France

Vacuum tests

25 Mar 2013 – A technician uses a helium gun to check for leaks in the LHC vacuum system

Hawking and the machine

22 Mar 2013 – Stephen Hawking visited the LHC tunnel before accepting a $3 million special Fundamental Physics Prize at a ceremony in Geneva this week

Tunnel vision

A surveyor checks the alignment of the LHC magnets during the Long Shutdown technical stop

19 Mar 2013 – A surveyor checks the alignment of the LHC magnets during the Long Shutdown

Tunnel tour

People wearing hard hats visiting the LHC tunnel

8 Mar 2013 – Raymond Veness, an engineer in the Beams Department, explains some of the workings of the LHC to visitors in the tunnel

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