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A gradual restart plan for CERN’s on-site activities

CERN’s Director-General and Directorate yesterday announced the preliminary restart plan for the Laboratory’s on-site activities. Restart will be gradual as of 18 May. The plan of activities will be reviewed every week and adapted to the COVID-19 situation at CERN and in the Host States, as necessary.

The HSE (Health & Safety and Environmental Protection) Unit has developed a coherent set of Covid-19-specific measures to be observed by all people on site, the highest priority remaining health and safety.

Presence on the CERN sites is currently limited to those essential to ensuring the security and safety of the facilities and the equipment. From 18 May, on-site activities will be extended to a limited number of CERN personnel and contractors, starting with those whose work is related to LS2 (Long Shutdown 2), accelerator and detector upgrades and urgent site and building construction activities. The aim is to welcome an additional 500 people on site each week. From mid-June, CERN personnel who are currently teleworking will also be gradually called back on site and, as of mid-September, if the health situation in Europe and beyond has improved, CERN should again be open to the full community.

The restart plan includes a new series of health and safety measures, including the distribution of masks and strict hygiene measures, as well as COVID-19 health and safety training, which will be compulsory for all those returning to the sites. Other measures that were put in place before and during the “safe-mode” period, which started on 20 March, will be maintained. They include the cancellation of all public guided tours and public events, as well as the closure of our exhibitions until further notice. CERN has suspended all travel on its behalf and the continuation of virtual meetings is strongly recommended.

For up-to-date information: https://hse.cern/news-article/coronavirus-information-measures-and-recommendations