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Relive 2019 at CERN

Highlights of the year at CERN, from engineering and accelerator milestones to particle physics results and much more

(Video: CERN)

As the year draws to a close, here is a chance to look back on the highlights of 2019.

Whether it be ground-breaking civil engineering or major improvements across the entire CERN accelerator network, it has been a year of change to the CERN infrastructures.

The year also marked 30 years of the World Wide Web, as the CERN family grew with a new Member State and Associate Member State. CERN opened its doors to the public and saw 75 000 visitors over two days.

Physics results included greater insights into properties of the Higgs boson, as well as matter–antimatter asymmetry, as experiments work to seek answers to remaining mysteries including dark matter.

This video will take you on a journey through key moments of 2019 at CERN. Enjoy!