Updates for scientists

LS1 report: Nearing the finish line

26 May 2014 – The LS1 team will be popping the champagne on Tuesday 27 May, celebrating the completion of the consolidation of the splices

Higgs machine-learning challenge

16 May 2014 – Competition open to find new machine-learning techniques for analysis of Higgs data produced by the ATLAS experiment

Linac4 Drift Tube Linac under assembly

13 May 2014 – After years of design, prototyping and manufacturing, the Linac4 Drift Tube Linac is being assembled at CERN

LS1 report: PS Booster prepares for beam

13 May 2014 – With Linac2 up and running, the countdown to beam in the LHC has begun: next in line is the PS Booster

LS1 report: short-circuit tests

28 Apr 2014 – As the LS1 draws to an end, teams move from installation projects to a phase of intense testing

MINERvA searches for wisdom among neutrinos

23 Apr 2014 – MINERvA seeks to make precise measurements of neutrino cross-section on light and heavy nuclei

LHC seminar: Higgs boson width

15 Apr 2014 – Jian Wang of the Université libre de Bruxelles discusses Higgs boson width from off-shell production and decay to ZZ. Watch the webcast

Neutrinos and nucleons

11 Apr 2014 – Measurements with neutrinos seemed impossible eight decades ago, but by 1974 the Gargamelle team had used them to reveal the quark structure of matter

Webcast: News from the experiments at CERN

8 Apr 2014 – The 113th meeting of the SPS and PS experiments committee brings updates from NA62, AEGIS and GBAR among others. Watch the live webcast

Thorium: An energy source for the world of tomorrow ?

27 Mar 2014 – Watch the webcast of a discussion on thorium energy today at 4.30pm CET

Antigravity matters

25 Mar 2014 – Does antimatter behave the same way as matter under the influence of gravity, or does antimatter even fall up?

LS1 report: As one door closes, another opens

24 Mar 2014 – Across the PS complex teams have seen the opening of state-of-the-art access points in compliance with the highest nuclear safety standards

Accelerating News spring issue now available online

12 Mar 2014 – Issue 9 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

LS1 report: Blowing away the cobwebs

3 Mar 2014 – With the pressure tests now complete we are coming to the equally important phase of cleaning the machine

Webcast: Recent results on the top quark from CMS

25 Feb 2014 – At 11am CET, watch Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez present the latest measurements on single-top quark production from the CMS experiment

LS1 report: Full-size security

18 Feb 2014 – Last week several CERN teams were involved in creating a life-size mock helium leak in Sector 4-5

Apply now for access to EuCARD-2 open facilities

18 Feb 2014 – Three advanced accelerator facilities in Europe are opening their doors to researchers. Apply now for access to two of them

ICTR-PHE conference: follow the action

13 Feb 2014 – Follow the action at the ICTR-PHE conference via the conference blog

Webcast: Recent results from IceCube

11 Feb 2014 – Tune in at 11am CET to watch Olga Botner of Uppsala University talk about the latest from the IceCube cosmic ray detector near the South Pole

Webcast: Highlights in particle and astroparticle physics

29 Jan 2014 – Watch CERN's Director for Research and Scientific Computing Sergio Bertolucci speaking from Braga, Portugal, at 6pm CET


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