Updates for students and educators

Introducing gender-inclusive teaching

26 Jun 2018 – A recent workshop looked at how and why CERN has introduced gender-inclusive teaching into its teacher programmes

CERN & Society Launches Programme for Future Entrepreneurs

13 Mar 2018 – Ten students of entrepreneurship will spend five-week residency at CERN this summer

New winners of the ATLAS Thesis Awards

2 Mar 2018 – Five out of 1000 plus PhD students were rewarded for having the best theses on ATLAS physics

Third Innovation for Change project kicks off today

23 Feb 2018 – Fifty young talents will apply advanced technologies to create innovative startups that can help tackle global social problems

Beamline for Schools 2016 winners publish scientific papers

26 Jan 2018 – The two winning teams of BL4S edition 2016 finalized scientific papers about their conducted experiments

High-school internship programme opens next phase

25 Jan 2018 – After passing the pilot phase, the new programme will now open up to five more countries

CERN women expand horizons for future female scientists

18 Dec 2017 – 32 women working at CERN contributed to the fifth bi-annual "Expanding your Horizons (EYH) - Geneva" event at the University of Geneve

Applications open for 2018 CERN openlab Summer Students

7 Dec 2017 – Would you be interested in working on an advanced IT project for two months during the summer? Apply to the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme

Happy International Cosmic Day

30 Nov 2017 – International Cosmic Day takes place for the sixth time on 30 November with high-school students from around the world investigating cosmic rays

Inside Story: Behind the scenes of the high-school programme

28 Nov 2017 – Heather Wark, University of Liverpool, joined the High-School Students and Teachers Programme when she was 17, now she returns the opportunity

Summer programmes for high-school students and teachers

24 Nov 2017 – Applications are now open for CERN’s international summer programmes for high-school students and high-school teachers

Particles4U competition open for applications

22 Nov 2017 – All primary and secondary students and teachers can participate - in their own language with prizes for you & your classroom

Intel and CERN openlab team up for developer challenge

16 Nov 2017 – The competition featured students working on exciting challenges within both high-energy physics and other research domains

Netzwerk Teilchenwelt: German high-school students at CERN

27 Oct 2017 – Five high-school students from Germany conducted their own research at CERN as part of the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt programme

CERN openlab students reflect on summer projects

19 Oct 2017 – The final students from the 2017 CERN openlab Summer Student Programme recently left CERN after nine weeks working on advanced computing projects

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day at CERN

17 Oct 2017 – CERN celebrated teachers’ key contribution to society with a stand-up show and a panel discussion at the Globe of Science and Innovation

A CERN PhD student receives the 2017 Carlo Offelli Prize

13 Oct 2017 – Carlo Baccigalupi, a CERN PhD, was awarded Italy’s 2017 Carlo Offelli Prize for his PhD dissertation

First international S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP for high-schools

6 Sep 2017 – 24 high-school students from 24 different countries took part in the first S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP at CERN

The Beamline for Schools competition 2018 is now open!

18 Jul 2017 – Groups of physics students are invited, along with their teachers, to research and propose an idea for an experiment

How can cubes made of paper help teach particle physics?

29 Jun 2017 – AcceleratAR uses paper cubes and an augmented reality app to simulate a particle accelerator to help students learn about particle physics


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