40th CERN School of Computing goes to Spain: Apply now!

Applications are now open for CERN’s 40th School of Computing. The CSC 2017 will take place from 27 August to 9 September 2017 in Madrid, Spain, in collaboration with Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM).
The two-week programme consists of more than 50 hours of lectures and hands-on exercises, all in advanced, interesting and challenging computing topics. It covers three main themes: data technologies, base technologies and physics computing. In particular, we will explore:
  •   Many-core performance optimization
  •   Concurrent programming
  •   Key aspects of multi-threading
  •   Writing code for tomorrow’s hardware, today
  •   Storage technologies, reliability and performance
  •   Cryptography, authentication authorization and accounting
  •   Data Replication, caching, monitoring, alarms and quota
  •   Writing secure software
  •   Observing software with attacker's eyes
  •   Software engineering for physics computing
  •   Statistical methods and probability concepts in physics-data analysis
  •   Monte Carlo method
  •   Multivariate analysis and visualisation
  •   Hypothesis testing as exemplified by recent HEP discoveries
The CSC is not a conference but a true summer university. As with every summer CSC, the programme is audited by the hosting university (UPM), and this year we are aiming to deliver 6 ECTS credits upon successful completion of the CSC exam.
The School will be hosted at UPM’s Montegancedo campus, which is situated in a beautiful natural landscape of oaks, with views across to the mountains. Near our lecture rooms on campus lives “Magerit”, one of the most powerful supercomputers in Spain. The presence of such a resource should come as little surprise when you consider that UPM is ranked as the top technical university in Spain (according to the annual university ranking by El Mundo), and stands out for its research activity.
However it's not all study; the social and sporting programme is also a vital part of the School. Madrid is famous for its culture, sports and cuisine, which we will be exploring together over the course of the School!
The CSC 2017 school is aimed at postgraduate engineers or scientists, working at CERN or at other research institutes, with experience in particle physics, in computing or in related fields. We welcome applications from all nationalities, and encourage all qualified persons to apply!
Apply now at www.cern.ch/csc
The deadline is 10 May – places are limited!