Updates for students and educators

How can cubes made of paper help teach particle physics?

29 Jun 2017 – AcceleratAR uses paper cubes and an augmented reality app to simulate a particle accelerator to help students learn about particle physics

Training tomorrow’s ICT specialists: students return to CERN

12 Jun 2017 – CERN openlab has been running its summer student programme for 15 years. Some of our students also return to CERN...

40th CERN School of Computing goes to Spain: Apply now!

10 Apr 2017 – Applications are now open for CERN’s 40th School of Computing. The CSC 2017 will take place from 27 August to 9 September 2017 in Madrid, Spain

Sit down for coffee with the Standard Model

7 Apr 2017 – The Standard Model Lagrangian equation, seen on t-shirts and mugs from CERN, is explained line-by-line in a new paper aimed at teachers

(Almost) the whole world represented in BL4S

6 Apr 2017 – On 31 March 2017 the submission period ended for the fourth Beamline for Schools competition

Award season at the ATLAS Experiment

8 Mar 2017 – ATLAS PhD students publish dozens of outstanding theses every year. Since 2010, a few have been celebrated at the annual ATLAS Thesis Awards.

Applications for S’Cool LAB Days in 2017/18 now open

1 Mar 2017 – High school teachers are invited to apply now to visit S’Cool LAB between September 2017 and June 2018

Meet the talented recipients of the ATLAS PhD Grant

23 Feb 2017 – The ATLAS PhD Grant gives students an opportunity to benefit from world-class research, supervision and training within the ATLAS collaboration

Second Innovation for Change project kicks off today

31 Jan 2017 – 50 young people will create innovative startups that can help tackle global social needs around food and health issues

Video contest: PACMAN needs you!

20 Jan 2017 – Are you passionate about science? Take part in the PACMAN video animation contest

Deadline extended for CERN high-school summer camp

12 Jan 2017 – 22 places are available for high-school students fascinated by the tiniest parts of our universe to visit CERN for an educational summer camp

Applications open for 2017 CERN openlab student programme

8 Dec 2016 – CERN openlab's Summer Student Programme is open to students studying at university with an interest in computer science

Students from CERN competition publish research paper

22 Nov 2016 – The first ever paper to come from research conducted as part of CERN’s Beamline for Schools competition, has been published in a scientific journal

New summer camp at CERN

7 Nov 2016 – S'cool Lab Summer Camp invites 16 to 19 year olds to spend 2 weeks exploring the fascinating world of particle physics at CERN

Applications open for 2017 International Teacher Programmes

3 Nov 2016 – CERN will offer two residential programmes for high school physics teachers

ATLAS Open data used at a University

5 Oct 2016 – The Technical University of Dortmund (Germany) is the first university to use ATLAS data in a lab course

Beamline for Schools 2016: how to be a CERN scientist

3 Oct 2016 – Two teams of high-school students from the UK and Poland had the opportunity to conduct their own experiments at a fully equipped CERN beamline

Code challenge winners come to CERN

29 Sep 2016 – Last week, winners of the Intel Modern Code Challenge came to CERN

Higgs Prize winners visit CERN

6 Sep 2016 – This summer CERN welcomed the winning students of the 2016 Higgs Prize, sponsored by the Scottish Government.

CERN hosts training on gender inclusive teaching

23 Aug 2016 – For the second time, CERN’s Diversity Office facilitated a working group on gender inclusive teaching as part of their High School Teacher Programme


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