Updates for students and educators

CBI students: target hit!

4 Jan 2016 – The students on the third Challenge Based Innovation (CBI) @CERN course presented all their proofs-of-concept and prototypes in December

Training course for eighteen teachers at CERN

4 Jan 2016 – 18 teachers attended a three-day training course organised by the LAMAP Foundation (Fondation La main à la pâte set up by Georges Charpak in 1995)

CERN encourages girls to "expand their horizons"

4 Jan 2016 – CERN took part in "Élargis tes horizons" a conference to encourage girls to take up studies in the scientific and technical domains

Tim Peake’s TimPix launch into space

17 Dec 2015 – Astronaut Tim Peake is on the International Space Station with a Timepix chip from the CERN@School project

Apply now for the CERN openlab Summer Student Programme 2016

15 Dec 2015 – Are you a student interested in working on advanced IT projects at CERN? Applications are now open for 2016’s CERN openlab Summer Student Programme.

Schoolboy uses grid computing to analyse satellite data

9 Dec 2015 – Youngest person to receive grid certification uses computing power to analyse satellite data

Faster research code wins student CERN openlab internship

16 Nov 2015 – CERN openlab and Intel jointly announced the winners of the Modern Code Developer Challenge at annual Intel HPC Developer Conference in November

MOOC "From particles to stars"

16 Nov 2015 – Attend the new MOOC, "From particles to stars", organised by the Université Paris-Saclay.

CBI Students: ready for new challenges

8 Oct 2015 – Students from Mediterranean countries begin four month course to problem-solve societal issues

Win an internship at CERN openlab

17 Sep 2015 – Show off your coding skills in the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge 2015 for a chance to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience

Meet the CERN summer students

25 Aug 2015 – This year 280 summer students from 83 different countries took part in the CERN summer student programme

CERN openlab students create network of cosmic ray detectors

19 Aug 2015 – The recent CERN Summer Student Webfest saw participants hack all weekend to produce a range of weird and wonderful science innovations

Apply now for ISOTDAQ 2016

17 Aug 2015 – Applications are now open for the International School of Trigger & Data Aquisition, which will take place from 25 January 2016 in Rehovot, Israel

First results from cosmic-ray detector designed by students

20 Jul 2015 – The Langton Ultimate Cosmic-ray Intensity Detector used CERN Medipix particle detectors to collect data from space

Award-winning high-school students visit CERN

22 Jun 2015 – CERN hosted the 11 young students who won the CERN Special Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2015

S'Cool LAB: Applications now open

10 Jun 2015 – Apply now to try hands-on experiments in particle physics at CERN. Deadline: 21 June

Join the Mozilla Science Lab Global Sprint at CERN

1 Jun 2015 – This week, IdeaSquare at CERN is one of the host sites for a global hackathon for open-science projects and tools

CERN participates in “Girls in ICT” event

23 Apr 2015 – CERN representatives take part today in the International Girls in ICT Day organised by International Telecommunication Union (ITU)

Swiss students vote CERN to top 5 most desirable employers

21 Apr 2015 – In a 2015 survey, Swiss students put CERN in the top five most desirable places to work in the IT, Engineering and Natural Science sectors

Beamline for Schools 2015: Proposals are in

13 Apr 2015 – Some 119 teams from all over the world sent us their proposals for experiments at the T9 beamline at CERN this year


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