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Intel ISEF Special Award winners visit CERN

4 Jul 2014 – CERN hosts the special award winners of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) 2014

Google Science Fair winner visits CERN

23 Jun 2014 – Grand-prize winner Eric Chen visited the laboratory last week

High school exam features CERN, the LHC and the Higgs boson

17 Jun 2014 – Today all over France, students answered questions about CERN in their science exams as part of the Baccalauréat Général

Ask me anything! CERN researchers on Reddit

11 Jun 2014 – Yesterday CERN scientists took to Reddit to answer questions about life and work at CERN. Here are some highlights

Beamline for Schools competition winners announced

6 Jun 2014 – The two student teams – from Greece and the Netherlands – will carry out experiments at CERN in September. Watch videos from their winning proposals

Playing with protons in primary

7 Apr 2014 – For some Greek students, the journey to the world of particle physics starts at the primary school

School teams get one step closer to the CERN beamline

4 Apr 2014 – With nearly 300 teams submitting proposals for the CERN “Beamline for Schools” competition, which one will win?

CERN contest spreads particle physics across Spain

24 Mar 2014 – A competition launched last year by CERN in collaboration with the Prince of Asturias Foundation brought particle physics to students in Spain

Sign up now for Raspberry Pi programming day at CERN

11 Mar 2014 – CERN is hosting a Raspberry Pi programming day on 12 April 2014. This event is free, but it is necessary to sign up to be able to attend

New course at CERN challenges students to innovate

10 Mar 2014 – Students at the Challenge Based Innovation course presented prototypes of platforms to simplify meetings and enhance learning in autistic children

Masterclasses in particle physics

10 Mar 2014 – The 10th edition of the International Masterclasses in Particle Physics is expected to attract more than 10,000 high-school students worldwide

ATLAS outreach without borders

7 Mar 2014 – Newly elected ATLAS outreach co-coordinator Kate Shaw hopes to bring particle physics to students in developing countries

Five outstanding students win ATLAS Thesis Awards

21 Feb 2014 – The ATLAS Thesis Awards recognize young postdoctoral candidates who have contributed to the ATLAS experiment with an excellent PhD thesis

Spanish students share their visions of the future with CERN

20 Feb 2014 – Over 1400 students in Spain have entered a CERN contest to explain how science and technology can make the world better. Vote for your favourites

Students visit the heart of the CMS detector

12 Feb 2014 – A record-breaking seven schools and more than 500 students took part in a mass virtual visit to the CMS detector today

CERN announces first recipients of ATLAS PhD Grant

12 Feb 2014 – The first recipients of the ATLAS PhD Grant – a fund set up with award money from the Fundamental Physics Prize – begin their scholarships this year

Students get charged up at RD51 electronics school

5 Feb 2014 – The RD51 electronics school at CERN this week had students examining high-tech readouts, trackers and detectors for particle physics

The race is on for "Beamline for School" teams

5 Feb 2014 – With registration closed, the 455 teams must now make their case for why they should win the Beamline for Schools competition

CERN connects with IceCube to bring science to schools

29 Jan 2014 – High schoolers from Europe and the US paid a recent virtual visit to CMS at CERN and the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica

CERN summer student programme - just two days left to apply

29 Jan 2014 – Applications are open for the CERN summer student programme. Deadline is 31 January 2014 - just two days from now


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