Updates for students and educators

Particle detectors for the classroom

7 Aug 2013 – Czech company JABLOTRON has released an educational toolkit based on CERN detector technology

Visiting CERN for more than just the logical stuff

9 Jul 2013 – Make-A-Wish visitor Callum Kerr had his dream come true with a trip to CERN

Google Science Fair winner rocks the CMS cavern

8 Jul 2013 – Duelling guitars, a giant particle detector and a teenage scientist – move over, Alpenhorn, it's time to rock out at CMS

Alice goes to Particleland

5 Jul 2013 – Comic-book artist Remco Polman delivers the first pages of a comic about particle physics, co-written with high school students on a visit to CERN

CERN welcomes ISEF award winners

4 Jul 2013 – Young winners of the CERN prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) visited the laboratory last week

To learn science, add art with Science&Art@School

3 Jul 2013 – A new education project from the CMS collaboration combines science and the arts to inspire students about particle physics

CERN’s summer students arrive

2 Jul 2013 – This year 275 students from 80 countries will be spending the summer at CERN to take part in the summer students' programme

Local students discover CERN's Passport to the Big Bang

1 Jul 2013 – On 25 June, pupils from the collège de Ferney-Voltaire completed the Passport to the Big Bang circuit

Students beamed into CERN experiment control room

28 Jun 2013 – US students were surprised during their physics lesson to be joined on a group video call by scientists in the ATLAS control room

An ATLAS detector that fits on your desk

21 Jun 2013 – The toy company LEGO will consider building a miniature ATLAS detector after the design gained 10,000 votes on a fan website

Inspiring insight into primary particles

21 Jun 2013 – British primary-school students visited CERN this week as part of a campaign to inspire children for high-tech jobs of the future

Gran Sasso Science Institute calls for PhD applications

17 Jun 2013 – A new doctorate school operated by INFN and connected to the Gran Sasso Laboratory in Italy has opened the call for PhD applications

Training young physicists: a 20 year success story

6 Jun 2013 – In 1993, a new series of physics schools began in Europe, organized jointly by CERN and JINR

Recreating one of the web’s first browsers

6 Jun 2013 – CERN is organizing a two-day coding event to recreate the line-mode browser

Alice in Particleland: A science comic in the making

23 May 2013 – Belgian high-school students team up with a Dutch comic-book artist to create a comic about the fascinating world of subatomic particles

Virtual Visits bring ATLAS to Algeria

23 May 2013 – A series of ATLAS Virtual Visits this week are inspiring physics students in North Africa

The basics of a boson

15 May 2013 – In this animated lesson for TED-Ed, CERN physicists David Barney and Steven Goldfarb use the Socratic method to explain the Higgs boson

What happened to antimatter?

13 May 2013 – Where is the missing antimatter? CERN scientist Rolf Landua teams up with TED-Ed animators to explain the disparity that allows us to exist

Dark matter: The matter we can't see

8 May 2013 – CERN head of communications James Gillies teams up with TED-Ed animators to bring you this animated explanation of the matter we can't see

Exploration on the Big Data frontier

6 May 2013 – Tim Smith of the CERN IT department teams up with TED-Ed animators to explain how CERN has tackled its Big Data challenge over the years


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