Updates for students and educators

Try a slice of Raspberry Pi at Fêtons LINUX

28 Mar 2013 – A team from CERN will be showcasing the diminutive Raspberry Pi computer at the Fêtons LINUX event in Geneva on 27 April

Polish high-school students find inspiration at CERN

12 Mar 2013 – Watch students and teachers from two schools in central Poland searching proton collisions from the LHC for signs of new particles

Students teach at 'inverted' school of computing

26 Feb 2013 – Students took to the podium today at the Sixth Inverted CERN School of Computing

Students of the world unite – to analyze LHC data

26 Feb 2013 – The 9th International Masterclasses in particle physics kicked off today, linking high school students around the world by video-conference

The computing school where students teach

11 Feb 2013 – The 'inverted' School of Computing (iCSC) at CERN from 25 to 26 February 2013 will allow former students to take a turn at lecturing

Working in Switzerland? Register for FameLab

5 Feb 2013 – Register now to give an exciting scientific talk and you could be the new face of Science in Switzerland

Apply now for Google Science Fair 2013

30 Jan 2013 – The third annual Google Science Fair opens today. Students aged 13 to 18 are invited to submit science or engineering projects online

Five days left to apply for CERN's Summer Student Programme

23 Jan 2013 – There are only five days left to apply for the chance to join CERN as a summer student and work on some of the world's biggest experiments

Apply now for 2013 European School of High-Energy Physics

11 Jan 2013 – Applications to the 2013 school, which will be held in Hungary, are open until 22 February

Dutch high-school students analyse ATLAS event data

13 Dec 2012 – Nine students from Kandinsky College in Nijmegen in the Netherlands, visited CERN as part of a school trip to learn about particle physics

Sign up for 2nd Raspberry Pi Jam at CERN

13 Dec 2012 – On 19 January 2013 CERN will host a Raspberry Pi "Jam" for people to experience tinkering and programming on the diminutive computer

Students and researchers in Serbia to re-use CERN computers

5 Dec 2012 – Servers from CERN's computer centre are sent to Serbia where they will be re-used by students and researchers

QuarkNet physics-education programme gains global reach

3 Dec 2012 – A professional-development programme created in the US to help teachers explain particle physics has caught on across the world

Google Science Fair winner Brittany Wenger visits CERN

27 Nov 2012 – Grand Prize winner Brittany Wenger visited the Antiproton Decelerator and the Computing Centre among other areas

CERN Education Group supports EU science-education projects

5 Nov 2012 – Pathway and Discover the Cosmos promote science teaching by sharing resources and expertise

Lasers take physicists back to school

22 Oct 2012 – The First International School on Laser Applications at Accelerators at GANIL in France brought together laser- and accelerator physicists

Students screen CERN technologies

19 Oct 2012 – Thirty-one students evaluated the market potential of three CERN technologies this week as part of a collaboration with their Norwegian university

A summer of (physics) code

16 Oct 2012 – This summer, seven young coding wizzes contributed to CERN projects through the Google Summer of Code program

Asia-Europe-Pacific School of HEP starts up in Japan

15 Oct 2012 – The first Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High Energy Physics started up today in Fukuoka, Japan

Science by the young, for the young

15 Oct 2012 – On 13 October, 140 pupils from Geneva collèges and lycées in Pays de Gex took part in a cross-border seminar in the Globe of Science and Innovation


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