Updates for students and educators

Students screen CERN technologies

19 Oct 2012 – Thirty-one students evaluated the market potential of three CERN technologies this week as part of a collaboration with their Norwegian university

A summer of (physics) code

16 Oct 2012 – This summer, seven young coding wizzes contributed to CERN projects through the Google Summer of Code program

Asia-Europe-Pacific School of HEP starts up in Japan

15 Oct 2012 – The first Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High Energy Physics started up today in Fukuoka, Japan

Science by the young, for the young

15 Oct 2012 – On 13 October, 140 pupils from Geneva collèges and lycées in Pays de Gex took part in a cross-border seminar in the Globe of Science and Innovation

Apply now for CLASHEP2013

15 Oct 2012 – The 2013 CERN-Latin-American School of High-Energy Physics (CLASHEP) is now open for applications

An inspiring summer: from the diary of a CERN intern

10 Oct 2012 – Summer intern Siddharth Sehgal spent two weeks working on the Gas Electron Multiplier at the CMS detector

CERN welcomes students for European Researchers Night

1 Oct 2012 – On 28 September over 250 young people aged between 13 and 18 spent a night visiting experiments and detectors at CERN, accompanied by researchers

Glasgow students visit CERN

25 Sep 2012 – Twelve students from the east end of Glasgow visited CERN on a trip organized by the Ogden Trust

High School Teachers programme - in their own words

12 Sep 2012 – The came for motivation, for answers, and 'because it's CERN' – participants in the July 2012 programme share their experiences

Summer Student takes ISOLDE by surprise

10 Sep 2012 – A model developed by a Belgian student has helped ISOLDE to perform sensitive measurements of franconium, one of the world's rarest elements

CAS Accelerator Physics (Ion Sources) in Slovakia

27 Aug 2012 – The CERN Accelerator School (CAS) and the Slovak University of Technology jointly organized a course on ion sources in Senec, Slovakia

Bringing physics training to Africa

21 Aug 2012 – The African School of Physics was held in Ghana this summer, where lecturers from CERN shared their expertise with 50 motivated students

Cosmic rays discovered 100 years ago

7 Aug 2012 – Today marks 100 years since Victor Hess made last of series of balloon flights leading to the discovery of cosmic rays

Over one million followers reached in CERN TweetUp

3 Aug 2012 – Five tweeps visited CERN to take part in events held with STS-134 astronauts to commemorate the AMS detector's first year in space

CERN welcomes summer students

27 Jul 2012 – CERN welcomed 279 young scientists from 71 nations this year on its Summer Students Programme

The CERN summer school: unique in many ways

26 Jul 2012 – CERN's summer school attracts students from all over the world to learn alongside experimentalists and theorists

CERN welcomes Intel Science Fair winners

23 Jul 2012 – Twelve talented students aged 15-18 got to spend a week at CERN as part of the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair prize

Make-A-Wish recipient visits CERN

22 Jul 2012 – Katie Kemp, an 18-year-old from Seattle, visited CERN with help from a charitable foundation

Google Science Fair winner Shree Bose visits CERN

19 Jul 2012 – Last year's winner Shree Bose won a trip to CERN, which coincided with the announcement of the discovery of a new, Higgs-like particle

Trigger happy in Poland: Krakow hosts ISOTDAQ 2012

20 Mar 2012 – In February, Krakow hosted the third International School of Trigger and Data Acquisition (ISOTDAQ), which gives students practical TDAQ experience


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