CERN Updates

Long Shutdown 1: Exciting times ahead

8 Feb 2013 — As the first and last proton-lead run of 2013 draws to a close, the extensive maintenance programme of the LHC's first long shutdown is about to start

Free the quarks: Calculating the strong force

7 Feb 2013 — Forty years ago quarks gained their freedom – at least theoretically – and the modern theory of the strong interaction began to emerge

The next generation of scientific computing

6 Feb 2013 — Leaders from academia and industry came together last week at CERN to discuss the IT requirements for the next generation of research infrastructures

CERN and Oracle celebrate 30 years of collaboration

4 Feb 2013 — In addition to providing hardware and software to CERN for three decades, Oracle has now been involved in the CERN openlab project for 10 years

Heavy metal: Refilling the lead source for the LHC

4 Feb 2013 — Every two weeks, ion-source physicist Detlef Küchler refills the lead source for the LHC with pure lead 208

Standing on the shoulders of software developers

31 Jan 2013 — Ensuring scientific software stays citable and sustainable

AEGIS completes installation

29 Jan 2013 — The recently installed AEGIS experiment will examine the effect of gravity on antimatter

Superconductivity leads the way to high luminosity

28 Jan 2013 — Work is progressing on new technologies that would under pin an upgrade of the LHC in 10 year’s time

Carrying the weak force: Thirty years of the W boson

25 Jan 2013 — On 25 January 1983, CERN physicists announced to the world the discovery of the W boson, an elementary particle that carries the weak force

Helix Nebula project passes proof-of-concept

24 Jan 2013 — Now half way through its pilot phase, the Helix Nebula project is moving ahead with new organizations coming on board

Students! Apply now for CERN's Summer Student Programme

23 Jan 2013 — There are only five days left to apply for the chance to join CERN as a summer student in Geneva, and work on some of the world's biggest experiments

ALICE scrutinizes proton-lead run for quark-gluon plasma

22 Jan 2013 — The ALICE experiment will be watching the collisions closely to tease out the effects of lead ions from the effects of the plasma

Protons smash lead ions in first LHC collisions of 2013

21 Jan 2013 — Accelerator team declares "stable beams" as lead ions collide with protons in first LHC physics beams of 2013

Lead-proton run: CMS prepares to receive collisions

18 Jan 2013 — Preparations have been progressing steadily at CMS to receive collisions between protons and lead ions

Preparing the LHC for the lead-proton run

16 Jan 2013 — For the last run before the two-year shutdown, the LHC is going beyond its original design specification and will collide protons with lead ions

Antimatter experiments present progress

15 Jan 2013 — At CERN today, the experiments at the Antiproton Decelerator presented updates on their work in 2012, and their hopes for 2013

Medical imaging network passes midterm review

11 Jan 2013 — At CERN today, European Commission representatives gave the green light to the continuation of the ENTERVISION network for imaging in particle therapy

Highlights from CERN in 2012

21 Dec 2012 — A Higgs-like boson, more new particles and record performance at the LHC: 2012 has been good to CERN

This month in 1991: The web spreads beyond CERN

20 Dec 2012 — Twenty-one years ago this month, physicists at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) installed the first web server outside of Europe

TIME honours Fabiola Gianotti and the Higgs-like boson

19 Dec 2012 — TIME magazine today named ATLAS spokesperson Fabiola Gianotti as a runner-up for Person of the Year. A certain Higgs-like boson was also mentioned...


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