CERN Updates

LHC collides protons with lead ions for the first time

13 Sep 2012 — The switch - a test for a longer proton-lead run scheduled for January to February 2013 - presented numerous technical challenges

European particle physics refreshes long-term strategy

12 Sep 2012 — Some 500 particle physicists meeting in Krakow, Poland, this week debated the long-term future of their field at the CERN Council Open Symposium

ATLAS and CMS publish observations of a new particle

10 Sep 2012 — The collaborations published the latest in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the journal Physics Letters B

How to protect yourself from the latest JAVA bug

5 Sep 2012 — Computer security advice from CERN's head of computer security Stefan Lüders

Higgs boson detected at London Paralympics

30 Aug 2012 — The particle was the star of Enlightenment - a science-themed ceremony featuring Stephen Hawking and Ian McKellen

Testing begins for CERN's future linear accelerator

29 Aug 2012 — Linear accelerator 4 will deliver particles to the Proton-Synchrotron Booster at more than triple the energy the current linac achieves

Next-generation magnets: Small, but powerful

27 Aug 2012 — A CERN-Fermilab team has developed a new magnet that will be a valuable asset to the HL-LHC, the next step of for LHC machine

Cosmic rays discovered 100 years ago

7 Aug 2012 — Today marks 100 years since Victor Hess made last of series of balloon flights leading to the discovery of cosmic rays

CERN Tweetup reaches over one million followers

3 Aug 2012 — Five winners of a competition announced on Twitter reached the vast audience during CERN's first ever Tweetup

Timepix detectors track cosmic radiation on the ISS

2 Aug 2012 — On 31 July, an unmanned Russian Progress spacecraft was launched from Kazakhstan, carrying five Timepix detectors to the ISS

ATLAS and CMS submit Higgs-search papers

1 Aug 2012 — The ATLAS and CMS collaborations today submitted papers to the journal Physics Letters B outlining the latest on their searches for the Higgs boson

AMS experiment marks one year in space

25 Jul 2012 — The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS has been taking data for a year. The shuttle crew that took it to space visited CERN to mark the occasion

Tweetup at CERN today: #CERNtweetup

25 Jul 2012 — Tweetup to coincide with the visit of Nasa astronauts to the AMS experiment at CERN

Proposal to use CERN accelerator for biomedical research

23 Jul 2012 — Discussions under way for possible re-use of LEIR accelerator

Large Hadron Collider run to be extended by seven weeks

21 Jul 2012 — LHC will run for a further seven weeks in a bid to maximize data for physics following the latest Higgs-search update

Higgs within reach

4 Jul 2012 — Our understanding of the universe is about to change…

Collaboration to build new antiproton decelerator

28 Jun 2012 — The Extra Low Energy Antiproton ring (ELENA) will further slow antiprotons from the Antiproton Decelerator, to make them easier to trap

LHC experiments prepare for summer conferences

27 Jun 2012 — CERN physicists are frantically analysing data in the run-up to ICHEP 2012, this year's major particle-physics conference in Melbourne, Australia

LHC delivers more collisions than in the whole of 2011

13 Jun 2012 — Excellent accelerator performance and a higher running energy has ensured the LHC has delivered collisions quickly this year

Full moon pulls LHC from its protons

7 Jun 2012 — The LHC is so large that operators have to correct for a surprising source of error - the moon's gravitational pull


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