CERN Updates

In Practice: What do data analysts do all day?

2 Dec 2016 — The third installment of the In Practice series examines what fuels experimental physicists to work together and analyse mountains of data

A new ring to slow down antimatter

28 Nov 2016 — The commissioning of ELENA, a new antiproton deceleration ring, has begun

Meet TIM, the LHC tunnel’s robot

25 Nov 2016 — The Train Inspection Monorail (TIM) is equipped with a camera and several measurement sensors to monitor the LHC tunnel in real-time

NA64 hunts the mysterious dark photon

25 Nov 2016 — NA64 is a new experiment at CERN searching for a particle called the dark photon, which might act as a bridge to the universe’s invisible, dark sector

In Practice: What ingredients make the best physicists?

23 Nov 2016 — In part 2 of our In Practice series, CERN’s experimental physicists explain what personalities and qualities make the best physicists

India to become Associate Member State of CERN

21 Nov 2016 — An agreement was signed today admitting India to CERN as an Associate Member

Smallest LHC experiment has cosmic outing

17 Nov 2016 — The LHCf experiment begins its annual run to study cosmic rays

In Practice: Are physicists architects of science?

14 Nov 2016 — Discover how experimental physicists build their incredible experiments and massive collaborations

Lead ion and proton: Close encounters of the third kind

10 Nov 2016 — For the third time ever the LHC today began colliding beams of protons with lead ions to probe the early universe from which matter emerged

Linac 4 reached its energy goal

7 Nov 2016 — CERN’s new linear accelerator (Linac 4) has accelerated a beam up to 160 MeV, its design energy

CERN at the beginning of everything

7 Nov 2016 — A new exhibition, which hopes to answer, at least in part, questions that have bothered humans for centuries, has recently opened in Vienna

TEDxCERN creates ‘ripples of curiosity’

4 Nov 2016 — CERN hosts its fourth TEDxCERN – “Ripples of Curiosity” – to explore how ideas in science, technology and education are converging and creating waves

ASACUSA improves measurement of antiproton mass

3 Nov 2016 — The ASACUSA experiment at CERN reported new precision measurement of the mass of the antiproton relative to that of the electron

CLOUD experiment sharpens climate predictions

27 Oct 2016 — Measurements of the production rates of atmospheric aerosol particles by CERN’s CLOUD experiment put global climate projections on more solid ground

n_TOF plays hide-and-seek with cosmological lithium

14 Oct 2016 — The n_TOF collaboration has added an important piece to the puzzle of the cosmological lithium problem

ARTS AT CERN announces three new open calls for artists

12 Oct 2016 — Three new calls have been opened for a South Korean, Croatian or Swiss artist

UNOSAT: 15 years of humanitarian mapping

10 Oct 2016 — UNOSAT, a United Nations programme hosted at CERN, celebrates 15 years of vital support to humanitarian work

One month to go until TEDxCERN 2016 “ripples of curiosity”

6 Oct 2016 — Follow TEDxCERN at one of the many live webcast locations, or tune in to the website on 5 November 2016

Ukraine becomes an associate member of CERN

5 Oct 2016 — On 5 October 2016, Ukraine became an associate member State of CERN after the ratification by its Parliament of the agreement

Beamline for Schools 2016: how to be a CERN scientist

4 Oct 2016 — The Beamline for Schools competition gives high-school students the chance to run an experiment on a fully equipped CERN beamline


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