CERN Updates

LHC progresses towards higher intensities

24 Aug 2015 — The LHC Operations team is tackling the challenges of a demanding beam regime with a series of rigorous tests

ALICE precisely compares light nuclei and antinuclei

17 Aug 2015 — The comparison, published today in Nature Physics, confirms a fundamental symmetry of nature to an unprecedented precision for light nuclei

BASE compares protons to antiprotons with high precision

12 Aug 2015 — In a paper published today in Nature, BASE reports the most precise comparison of the charge-to-mass ratio of the proton to the antiproton

A superconducting shield for astronauts

5 Aug 2015 — Magnetic shielding technology developed at CERN could protect astronauts from cosmic radiation in space

Pakistan becomes Associate Member State of CERN

31 Jul 2015 — Official notification that Pakistan has ratified the Association Agreement arrived at CERN this morning

SESAME: a bright hope for the Middle East

30 Jul 2015 — SESAME – Synchrotron-light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East – will be the region’s first light source

A miniature accelerator to treat cancer

28 Jul 2015 — CERN has developed an accelerator just two metres long to be used in hospitals for medical imaging and the treatment of cancer

LHC experiments present latest results in Vienna

27 Jul 2015 — The world particle-physics community has convened in Vienna for the 2015 European Physical Society Conference on High Energy Physics

Flavours of Physics: Join the LHCb machine-learning contest

21 Jul 2015 — Untangle a rare particle decay from the background in LHCb data and you could win up to $7000

An international blog series from ATLAS

20 Jul 2015 — In a new blog series, ATLAS-collaboration members from all over the world share their stories

Physics and music collide at the Montreux Jazz Festival

17 Jul 2015 — CERN researchers performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival in the third annual workshop of ‘The physics of music and the music of physics’

CERN and Sri Lanka develop partnership

16 Jul 2015 — An agreement that was recently signed between CERN and Sri Lanka will allow more Sri Lankan scientists and teachers to participate in CERN programmes

Discovery of a new class of particles at the LHC

14 Jul 2015 — The LHCb experiment has observed for the first time particles made up of five quarks

LHC back in collision mode

7 Jul 2015 — After a week of preparations for operation at higher intensity, physics data collection has resumed at the LHC

In particular: A new podcast from ATLAS

3 Jul 2015 — Check out a new podcast from particle physicists Tova Holmes and Laura Jeanty that brings you right to the heart of the ATLAS collaboration

Chasing clouds in the LHC

25 Jun 2015 — One week of LHC operation is being devoted to scrubbing the beam pipes to eliminate electron clouds, which can destabilise the beam

Visit CERN sites new to Google Street View

18 Jun 2015 — Google Street Views of many CERN sites are now available directly from Google Maps

OPERA detects its fifth tau neutrino

16 Jun 2015 — Researchers in Gran Sasso, Italy, have detected a tau neutrino in the muon-neutrino beam from CERN

CERN announces winners of 2015 Beamline for Schools contest

15 Jun 2015 — Two teams of high-school students have been selected to travel to the laboratory in September

LHC physicists preserve Native American voices

12 Jun 2015 — Physicists are using LHC detector technology to retrieve Native American music from old recordings


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