10 May/23
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

REMOTE - 3rd Series on Data Protection - Online tracking - problems and legal remedies



Abstract: One of the main features of modern information societies is the vast amount of data exchanged via technological tools. In this lecture, we will take a close look at the types of information potentially involved, the technical tools used to seize it and what happens once it has been received by a third party. We will then clarify how the new privacy frameworks regulate these flows. We will talk mainly about GDPR, the e-Privacy Directive and the AI Act.


Bio: Stefano Rossetti is a qualified lawyer specialising in media law and data protection. After working for a few years at primary law firms, in 2019 he joined noyb - Europäisches Zentrum für digitale Rechte, where he focuses on strategic litigation on unauthorised online tracking, dark patterns and workplace surveillance. Stefano authored several publications and is responsible for the noyb’s ( GdprHub, a free, open-source legal database for users and professionals.