27 Jan/21
10:00 - 11:15 (Europe/Zurich)

Web security / penetration testing: debriefing


Webinar at CERN


In order to protect computers and networks from malicious attacks, we need to find and fix any vulnerabilities before they are identified and exploited by the bad guys (Black Hats). One of the ways to achieve it is to do penetration (security) testing. To do this efficiently, the good guys (White Hats) have to think and act as the bad guys - but with the ultimate goal of securing the target rather than abusing it.

In this and the previous seminar, you will learn to think and act like a White Hat penetration tester. We will focus on web applications, as these are the most common targets in any organisation.

The debriefing to web security penetration testing will discuss and demonstrate in more details the most common types of web application vulnerabilities, and the ways to detect and exploit them.

Hands-on exercises (try to do them BEFORE this seminar)

In order to access the hands-on exercises, please subscribe to whitehat-exercise-access egroup (available for CERN accounts owners only).

About the speaker

Sebastian Lopienski serves as CERN's deputy Computer Security Officer. He is also the director of the CERN School of Computing.