23 May/24
14:00 - 14:45 (Europe/Zurich)

#10 - Artificial Intelligence (AI) & The Future of Work


593/R-010 at CERN

The topic:

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise and people are scared: what will happen to us?

This talk dissects the elements behind this by extracting some of its elements and translating into the context of the future of work.

First, we look at the raw power behind this, which is data. Then, we address the rise of autonomous systems. These include but also reach far beyond applications for robotics, being the most visible expression only. The deeper impact will, however, likely happen on the data level (when robots become bots). Amongst the latter, commonly known bots (e.g. automated customer service via chat or phone) is, again, only the most visible layer. Deep analytics systems on enterprise level are however more impactful, yet rarely seen. 

Bringing these two elements together, we are introduced to the function that AI has to play in the world: data and data sources (digital information as well as data garnered by sensors in the real world, labs or indeed particle accelerators) are growing so rapidly that humans cannot cope with the sheer size of it. AI turns dark lakes of data into structured datasets that are actionable.

This is a turning point: if those structured data are fed back into autonomous systems, we achieve the ability to quickly iterate work processes in a way that was never possible before. 


This micro talk will be given in English and will take place face-to-face at CERN.

The expert:

Volker Hirsch is a technology entrepreneur and investor and a former Partner atAmadeus Capital, the Cambridge- and London-based "deep" tech VC. The firm has been

identified as one of the leading Al investors in Europe with well over 25 Al

investments in its portfolio, ranging from Al-specific semiconductors to

foundational Al models and applied Al.


He is an entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded a total of 7 companies to date. He is currently co-founder of Blue Beck, a 30-strong(mobile) software development house, Chair of Advantage Creative as well as a co-founder of non-profit Tech North Advocates.