11 Aug/20
16:30 - 18:00 (Africa/Abidjan)


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Prof. Malik Maaza


1) Nanosciences African Network (NANOAFNET), iThemba LABS-National Research Foundation, PO Box 722, Somerset West, Western Cape Province, South Africa
2) UNESCO-UNISA Africa Chair in Nanosciences-Nanotechnology, PO Box 392, Muchleuneuck, College of Graduate Studies, University of South Africa, Pretoria-South Africa


•It is well established that matter at nanoscale exhibits several size effects governed by size, shape, surface to volume ratio as well as by the breaking of the 3-D symmetry and spatial confinement. This contribution reports on Quantum Mechanic governed phenomena at room temperature in several nanoscaled systems. Due to the relativistic contraction in connection to the Dirac dynamics of the valence electrons of Mercury, this later is shown to be solid at room temperature for Nanoparticles of mercury with size below 5 nm in Ø. Owing to their large longitudinal to transversal anisotropy ratio & their multi-electronic properties, Carbon Nanotubes are ideal nanosystems to localize light and hence to observe the Anderson Localization at room temperature [1]. Likewise, due to the wave-particle duality, it is demonstrated that cold neutron wave-matter wavepackets can be trapped in the equivalent of Nanoscaled Fabry-Perot nanoresonators [2-4].

[1] (2007). On the possible optical resonance in carbon nanotubes based cavities. International Journal of Nanotechnology, 4(6), 638. doi:10.1504/ijnt.2007.015460, M. Maaza, C. N. R. Rao & al.
[2] Neutron tunneling and neutron lifetime in a Ni-V-Ni Fabry-Perot thin film resonator, Phys. Lett. A 223 (1996) 145. M. Maaza, B. Pardo & al,
[3] Zeeman neutron tunneling in “Ni-Co-Ni thin film resonators, Phys. Lett. A 235 (1997) 19, M. Maaza, B. pardo & al.
[4] Nano-structured Fabry–Perot resonators in neutron optics & tunneling of neutron wave-particles, Physics Reports 514 (2012) 177–198, M. Maaza, D. Hamidi.
[5]Functional nanostructured oxides, Vacuum (2015) 1-16, M. Maaza, B.D. Ngom, M. Achouri, K. Manikandan.