10 Dec/19
09:00 - 10:00 (Europe/Zurich)

The NA62 GigaTracKer: a low mass high intensity beam 4D tracker with 65 ps time resolution on tracks


13/2-005 at CERN

NA62 has endeavored to probe new physics up to energy scales as high as few 100 TeV by measuring the branching fraction of ultra rare kaon decay: K->PiNuNu. Performing this measurement is experimentally challenging and has required the development of a beam spectrometer, the GigaTracKer, with unprecedented requirements in terms of particle rate, material budget and time resolution. The detector design specifications are a peak particle flux reaching up to 2.0 MHz/mm^2, a single hit time resolution smaller than 200 ps and, a material budget of 0.5% X_0 per tracking plane. 

To fulfill these specifications, novel technologies were especially employed in the domain of silicon hybrid time-stamping pixel technology using the TDCpix readout ASIC and micro-channel cooling. 

In this seminar we will describe the detector design and report on the achieved performance.