24 Oct/19
13:15 - 14:15 (Europe/Zurich)

Relaxation of Higgs mass and cosmological constant with four-form flux and inflation


4/2-037 at CERN

We consider the most general effective action for the four-form fluxes in the Standard Model coupled to gravity. The Higgs mass parameter can be relaxed to a correct value due to the four-form coupling to the Higgs field and it stops changing due to an extremely suppressed transition probability from the observed cosmological constant to AdS space. We first introduce a non-minimal four-form coupling to gravity and discuss the role of a new scalar field as the inflaton and the conditions for a successful reheating at the end of relaxation. We also discuss the implications of the non-minimal four-form coupling to gravity for chaotic inflation models with a pseudo-scalar field. The four-form coupling to the inflaton induces a quadratic potential while the coexisting non-minimal four-form coupling to gravity generates a non-minimal gravity coupling for the inflaton. The derived inflaton couplings respect the shift symmetry which is broken spontaneously. We show the success of inflationary predictions and robustness of the results against higher order terms and address the reheating in these scenarios.