28 Nov/19
15:00 - 19:30 (Europe/Zurich)

Special colloquium for the thirtieth anniversary of the start of operations of LEP


500/1-001 at CERN

Already after the first physics run (three weeks in September-October 1989) a first, long-awaited result, the determination of the number of neutrino families, was announced. A twelve year adventure followed, rich with physics results, many of which still stand, and a legacy of infrastructure and collaboration methods that paved the way to the CERN of today. The colloquium will celebrate this important part of CERN history with presentations on the accelerator, the experiments and the physics, followed by a drink at 18:00.

Colloquium Organizers: Alain Blondel, Wolfgang Lerche, Monica Pepe Altarelli.