6 Oct/20
11:00 - 12:00 (Europe/Zurich)

Time-dependent CP violation in Bs0 decays at LHCb


Video only at CERN

CP violation was first observed more than five decades ago in particles called neutral K mesons, and has since been observed in other types of particle – including in neutral B0 mesons in 2001 by the Babar and Belle experiments and in D0 mesons by LHCb.
Recently the LHCb experiment observed time-dependent CP violation in decays of Bs0 mesons for the first time. In this seminar the recent results on B decays to two light hadrons (pions and kaons), and of the decays of Bs0->DsKpipi will be presented. Both these types of Bs0 decays are sensitive to the CKM angle gamma, that quantifies the amount of CP violation in the Standard Model.