CERN’s Flückiger joins Internet Hall of Fame

Image: Claudia Marcelloni/CERN

CERN computer scientist François Flückiger has been inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame, which celebrates individuals selected by the Internet Society for their significant contribution to the development and the advancement of the internet.

“CERN is famous for being the place where the web was born, but its contribution to the development of the internet is less well known ,” says Flückiger. “In the early nineties CERN was the largest internet hub in Europe, with 80% of the Internet capacity terminated in today’s CERN Computer Centre”.

The thirty-two 2013 inductees were announced yesterday. The award ceremony is scheduled for 3 August in Berlin.

François joins other CERN members of the Internet Hall of fame in the Innovators category, web inventor, Tim Berners-Lee and web pioneer, Robert Cailliau.

Read François’ opinion piece on his induction, and learn more about how the internet came to CERN.