ATLAS Collaboration Members in Discussion
A group of ATLAS physicists in the Ohio State University office discussing a proton collision event display. (Image: CERN)
Technicians working inside the CMS detector in 2008 (Image: CERN)

Cooperation between nations, universities and scientists is the driving force behind CERN’s research.

As of 2017, more than 17 500 people from around the world work together to push the limits of knowledge. CERN’s staff members, numbering around 2500, take part in the design, construction and operation of the research infrastructure. They also contribute to the preparation and operation of the experiments, as well as to the analysis of the data gathered for a vast community of users, comprising over 12 200 scientists of 110 nationalities, from institutes in more than 70 countries.


Director for Accelerators and Technology
Director for Research and Computing
Director for International Relations
Director for Finance and Human Resources
My time at CERN was a unique experience that allowed me to really interact with people in a social and open way, which is too rare in the modern world. The CERN Alumni network lets you continue this beyond CERN and academia, into the corporate world.

Tim Dyce, CIO at OIST (Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology)
Member of the ATLAS Collaboration, ran the ATLAS Grid computing site in Australia 2008–2011 · Member of the
CERN Alumni Advisory Board