Contact the press office

Our Media and Press Relations team is the main point of contact for press. We disseminate CERN’s key messages and official communications to the world’s media, as well as interpret press coverage.

If you are a media representative, please contact us. We will make sure to reply to your request effectively.

If you are a member of the CERN community, we will be happy to share our media expertise with you.

Meet our team!

Anais Rassat Anais Rassat
Head of Media Relations
+41 22 767 4101
Sophie Tesauri Sophie Tesauri
Senior Press Officer
+41 22 767 2141
Abha Eli Abha Eli Phoboo
Press Officer
+41 22 766 3841
Cristina Agrigoroae Cristina Agrigoroae
Press Officer
+41 22 766 2433
Maïlys Nicolet Maïlys Nicolet
Press Officer
+41 22 767 3432
Sarah Charley Sarah Charley
US Communications Officer
+41 22 766 3750
Stephanie Hills Stephanie Hills
UK Communications Officer
+41 22 766 2217