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Apply now for the 2019 JUAS school

23 Oct 2018 — Registration for the 2019 session of the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) is now open

Apply now for the 2019 ESIPAP school

23 Oct 2018 — Registration for the 2019 session of the European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) is now open

Accelerating News issue 26 now available

12 Oct 2018 — The latest issue focuses on testing of quadrupole magnets for future colliders, measurements of materials and beams, and summer conferences

Latest papers from CERN theory group

Bimetric, Conformal Supergravity and its Superstring Embedding

by Ferrara, Sergio
Kehagias, Alex
Lust, Dieter, 20 Oct 2018

Probing $\Lambda$CDM cosmology with the Evolutionary Map of the Universe survey

by Bernal, José Luis
Raccanelli, Alvise
Kovetz, Ely D.
Parkinson, David
Norris, Ray P.
Danforth, George
Schmitt, Courtney, 18 Oct 2018

Parton Shower and Matching Uncertainties in Top Quark Pair Production with Herwig 7

by Cormier, Kyle
Plätzer, Simon
Reuschle, Christian
Richardson, Peter
Webster, Stephen, 17 Oct 2018

Elliptic Feynman integrals and pure functions

by Broedel, Johannes
Duhr, Claude
Dulat, Falko
Penante, Brenda
Tancredi, Lorenzo, 16 Oct 2018

Constraining D-foam via the 21-cm Line

by Ellis, John
Mavromatos, Nick E.
Nanopoulos, Dimitri V., 16 Oct 2018

Scientists - physics events

Town meeting: Relativistic Heavy ion physics

Conferences & Workshops, 24 Oct 2018, 08.00 — CERN, Council Chamber

Gravity and Geometrization of Turbulence

Theory Colloquium, 24 Oct 2018, 14.00 — CERN, TH Conference Room

CERN-TH Institute

TH BSM Forum, 25 Oct 2018, 13.15 — CERN, TH meeting room

Thermalization after holographic bilocal quench

TH Journal Club on String Theory, 26 Oct 2018, 14.00 — CERN, TH Conference Room

Scientists - computing events

ACAT 2019 International Advisory Committee regular meeting

ACAT IAC regular meetings, 26 Oct 2018, 16.30

First-Class Automatic Differentiation in Swift

CERN Computing Seminar, 30 Oct 2018, 14.00 — CERN, IT Amphitheatre

Life of an Open Source Project at Google (gRPC)

CERN Computing Seminar, 31 Oct 2018, 11.00 — CERN, IT Amphitheatre

HEPiX Autumn 2018 Summary

IT Technical Forum (ITTF), 2 Nov 2018, 10.00 — CERN, IT Amphitheatre

The 4th Asia Tier Center Forum

WLCG, 20 Nov 2018, 03.00 — SUT Office, Pojanasarn

Upcoming accelerators and technology events

11T Dipole Task Force Meeting #26

CERN Short Models Follow-up Meetings, 24 Oct 2018, 10.30 — CERN, 180/1-N51

11T Dipole Quench Heater investigations

CERN Short Models Follow-up Meetings, 24 Oct 2018, 14.00

HL-LHC Integration Meeting:

HL-LHC WP15 - Integration and (De)-installation, 26 Oct 2018, 10.30

Challenges for future tracking detectors mechanics

Detector Seminar, 26 Oct 2018, 11.00 — CERN, Salle Anderson


Technical Coordination Committee, 1 Nov 2018, 15.30