In Theory: A series exploring CERN's theoretical physics department

In Theory: Welcome to the Theory corridor

18 Feb 2016 — A photo essay introducing the Theory department at CERN and some of its theoreticians

In Theory: Why bother with theoretical physics?

2 Mar 2016 — In the second feature of our In Theory series we explore what it takes to make someone a theoretical physicist

In Theory: Are theoreticians just football fanatics?

15 Mar 2016 — In the third feature article of the In Theory series the theoreticians discuss what made them choose their field

In Theory: Why are theoreticians filled with wanderlust?

22 Mar 2016 — Fasten your seatbelts for a grand world tour in the fourth installment of our 'In Theory' series

In Theory: Which came first…?

14 Apr 2016 — In the fifth part of our “In Theory” series, we take a look at the relationship between theorists and experimental physicists

In Theory: Is theoretical physics in crisis?

18 May 2016 — Do recent discoveries mean there’s nothing left? Find out what the future holds for theoretical physics in our final In Theory series installment