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A new era of precision for antimatter research

13 Apr 2018 — The ALPHA experiment at CERN has measured a light-induced transition in antihydrogen with unprecedented precision

Beams are back in the LHC for the final year of Run II

13 Apr 2018 — Beams were circulating in the LHC by 30 March (five days in advance!), and everything is looking good for a strong final year of LHC Run II.

LHC Report: Progressing well following a “Good” Friday

13 Apr 2018 — The 2018 proton season has started well ahead of schedule

Improving the quality of working life at CERN

13 Apr 2018 — CERN has decided to fight stress, which can have negative health effects

Happy 25th birthday, ALICE!

13 Apr 2018 — A well-attended jubilee event, held at CERN on 21 March, celebrated 25 years of the ALICE collaboration

Young researchers become innovators

13 Apr 2018 — CERN researchers demonstrate entrepreneurial potential during the HL-LHC and FCC Innovation Course

Inspiring tomorrow’s coders

13 Apr 2018 — A Django Girls workshop that took place at CERN recently gave several girls and women their first taste of coding

Ombuds' corner

Mediation: finding common ground

Vanja and Marek are no longer on speaking terms. Vanja took over the group six months ago and has been working to make the service more customer-oriented. But Marek thinks the most important thing is technical excellence. He thinks Vanja’s making compromises and following the latest fad, giving...

Ombuds by Pierre Gildemyn, 12 Apr 2018

Updates from the clubs

Salsa/Bachata Dancing Party

CERN Dancing Club, 27 Apr 2018 to 28 Apr 2018 — 566

West-Coast Swing and Rock Party

CERN Dancing Club, 5 May 2018 to 6 May 2018 — 566

Hands on investing - May 2018

Finance Club, 16 May 2018 — CERN, 14-4-002

Kashima no Tachi Seminar with Udagawa Tetsuya sensei

Kashima no Tachi Kenjutsu (KTK) Section, 19 May 2018 to 21 May 2018 — Shung Do Kwan Budo

What's on today at CERN

Statistics for High Energy Physics

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 11.00222-R-001

CERN People events

Upcoming training courses

Radiation Protection - Controlled Area - Initial (en)

Safety Training - 5 available places

25 Apr 2018

Fire Extinguisher (fr)

Safety Training - 2 available places

25 Apr 2018

Project Management with OpenSE

Technical Management - 1 available places

25 Apr 2018

Fire Extinguisher (fr)

Safety Training - 4 available places

25 Apr 2018

MS OFFICE : EXCEL Proficient (Niveau 1)

Technical - 4 available places

26 Apr 2018