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Computer security: CERN Secure Password Competition

23 Mar 2018 — We will reward the “best” and “most creative” passwords used at CERN

The music of ProtoDUNE

16 Mar 2018 — Playing not the world’s smallest violin, but definitely the most scientific – inside a ProtoDUNE cryostat

A diverse organisation is a strong organisation

13 Mar 2018 — International Women’s Day is always an important reminder of our responsibility to support and promote diversity, in all its aspects.

The end of YETS: awakening from hibernation

12 Mar 2018 — The Year-End Technical Stop drew to a close on 9 March. Read about the LHC plans the last year of Run 2

The PUMA project: Antimatter goes nomad

11 Mar 2018 — A new European project linking ELENA and ISOLDE plans to trap antimatter in order to explore quantum phenomena in radioactive nuclei

Training particle and accelerator scientists of the future

10 Mar 2018 — The Joint Universities Accelerator School in Archamps, France, has celebrated its twenty-fifth birthday

Managing scientific data at the exascale with Rucio

9 Mar 2018 — The first Rucio community workshop, held at CERN, brought together computing experts from several experiments and organisations.

Ombuds' corner

Microaggressions: respond or let it go?

Tom’s farewell drink had got off to a good start and, after a few glasses, everyone was in high spirits. Carried away by the party atmosphere, Fulvio said to one of his colleagues: “So, Birgit, when are you finally going to update your wardrobe?” Birgit hesitated for a moment, not knowing whether...

Ombuds by Pierre Gildemyn, 13 Mar 2018

Updates from the clubs

Argentine Tango Workshop

CERN Dancing Club, 21 Apr 2018 — 566

What's on today at CERN

There are no featured events today for CERN people. For other events at CERN, see the events page for scientists.

CERN People events

CERN IR-ECO - Advatera Meeting

Workshops, 28 Mar 2018 — CERN, 3179-R-E06

Rolf Wideroe – Life and Work

CERN Colloquium, 29 Mar 2018 — CERN, Main Auditorium

Statistics for High Energy Physics

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 24 Apr 2018 — CERN, 222-R-001

Statistics for High Energy Physics

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 25 Apr 2018 — CERN, 222-R-001

Upcoming training courses

Smoke Extraction

Safety Training - 3 available places

26 Mar 2018

Self-Rescue Mask - Initial (en)

Safety Training - 3 available places

26 Mar 2018

Training on Communication to become a CERN Guide

Personal Development and Communication - 1 available places

27 Mar 2018

Confined Space (fr)

Safety Training - 1 available places

27 Mar 2018