News from the Mobility Centre

11 Jul 2018 – A new pricing policy agreed on by the department heads will be implemented as of 1 July 2018

17-18 July: Partial closure of Route Einstein

10 Jul 2018 – Due to handling operations of 3 emergency generators, the Route Einstein will be partially closed from 17 to 18 July

Help promote CERN and innovation at Parc La Grange

10 Jul 2018 – On 1 August, the City of Geneva will celebrate the National Day at Parc La Grange on the theme "Tradition and Innovation"

9-27 July: road works on Route Feynman

9 Jul 2018 – There will be road works on Route Feynman from 9 July at 8:00 until 27 July at 17:30. The road will be one way from Switzerland to France

Private parties in Restaurant 1 – new terms and conditions

6 Jul 2018 – As from 1 July 2018, only authorised private parties can take place in Restaurant no.1

Gates A and C returned to regular opening hours

5 Jul 2018 – Gates A and C have returned to their regular opening hours of 07:00 to 19:00

CERN Summer Student Webfest: weekend of science & creativity

3 Jul 2018 – Are you passionate about science? Then come along to the 2018 CERN Summer Student Webfest on the weekend of 27 to 29 July!

8th MaNEP Winter School |13-18.01.2019 in Saas-Fee

3 Jul 2018 – Symmetry and topology: new twists in condensed matter

WIT Lecture | 5 July 12.15

2 Jul 2018 – Telecommunications to save lives... A life experience - by Maritza Delgado (ITU)

Reduction of the speed limit from 90 to 80 km/h in France

29 Jun 2018 – The decree that reduces the maximum speed limit from 90 to 80 km/h on all two-way single carriageway roads will come into force on 1 July 2018

Your personal rubbish is not CERN's responsibility

27 Jun 2018 – Do not dispose of your personal household rubbish in CERN’s waste containers

Science Night at the Science History Museum in Geneva

26 Jun 2018 – On 7 and 8 July 2018, Geneva’s Science History Museum is holding its 12th Science Night, on the theme “Tout un art ?”

CINEGLOBE is back!

22 Jun 2018 – CERN's Summer film festival will take place at Globe of Science and Innovation and the Perle du Lac from 29 June to 8 July

First Charitable CERN Table Football Tournament

22 Jun 2018 – A CERN Table Football Tournament will take place fromm 11 to 13 July on the benefits of the CERN & Society Foundation

4 August: Hardronic festival – Save the date!

22 Jun 2018 – The annual party for CERN people – the Hardronic festival – is happening on 4 August this year, in the usual spot in Prévessin

26 June: watch the live webcast of Hubert Reeves’ conference

19 Jun 2018 – The Physics of Antimatter, a conference by Hubert Reeves | Tuesday 26 June 2018 - 7.30 p.m.

21 June: traffic disruption due to the Pope’s visit

18 Jun 2018 – Due to the Pope’s visit to Geneva, major traffic disruption is expected all day on 21 June

Closure of the Jura door from 15 to 22 June

18 Jun 2018 – Please note that it will not be possible to enter or leave the site using the Jura door (Building 33) between 15 and 22 June

Tram 18 replaced by shuttles between Blandonnet and CERN

15 Jun 2018 – Due to works, from 17 June 2018 and for about 10 weeks, trams from Geneva centre will stop at Blandonnet

Recommendation from the French police force

12 Jun 2018 – Advice from the French police force concerning imposters in the Pay de Gex area

Student shuttle CERN - Summer 2018

12 Jun 2018 – Over Summer 2018 (18 June - 31 August 2018), the SMB department will organise a shuttle to transport students from/to St Genis to/from both CERN sites

Visit Art Basel to discover a CERN-inspired art installation

11 Jun 2018 – HALO, a large-scale art installation conceived at CERN and inspired by ATLAS data will be exhibited at Art Basel during 13-17 June

Prévessin: Chemin du Moulin des Ponts open to vehicles

1 Jun 2018 – The SMB department has decided to allow vehicle access to the Prévessin site via the Chemin du Moulin des Ponts entrance from 4 June to 13 July 2018

EASISchool: school on applied superconductivity - Apply now!

29 May 2018 – EASITrain organizes a school on applied superconductivity from 3 to 14 September 2018 in Vienna, Austria

CERN Locks and Keys service: new extended hours

24 May 2018 – From 1 June 2018, CERN’s Locks and Keys service will be open all day Monday to Friday from 7.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Access your personal documents on the HRT application

22 May 2018 – The Personnel Accounting service would like to remind you that your personal documents can be accessed via your personal access to the HRT application

Presentation of the latest results from the AMS experiment

16 May 2018 – On 24 May at 16:30, Prof. Samuel Ting will present the latest results from the AMS experiment on the International Space Station


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