Call for abstracts for the 4th Developers@CERN Forum

Hundreds of developers work on many different projects at CERN – from data analysis to beam operations and administrative applications. As of this October, they will have an opportunity to meet each other a the 4th Developers@CERN Forum.

The 4th Developers @ CERN Forum will be held on 23 and 24 October in IdeaSquare. The event is being organised by developers from different CERN departments.

The topic for this fourth event will be 'Application Deployment', with a focus on continuous integration techniques. This is a topic of interest for all the developers, regardless of their specific fields of activity. The whole idea is to exchange best practices and solutions to ensure that our applications are highly reliable.

Anyone interested in submitting a presentation or a topic for a workshop should follow this link:

With this initiative, the organisers hope to involve a large proportion of CERN’s developers. If you are interested in contributing or just participating as a member of the audience, please visit the dedicated website or e-mail the organisers.