Innovate and inspire: join the LHCreate hackathon

Building on the success of CMS Create, this year’s LHCreate hackathon is brought to you by the CMS and ATLAS experiments. Four teams of contestants will have two days to design and build an interactive exhibit intended for the public. The exhibits should introduce the world of particle physics and address the “why?” of CERN’s research.

CERN people (staff, students, users, etc.) are encouraged to join the LHCreate hackathon for two days of productive fun! Participants will have a chance to collaborate with external actors, as teams will mix four CERN-affiliated people with two student designers from the Geneva IPAC design school. The hackathon will take place at IdeaSquare, where labs, workshops and a large supply of components and material will be made available for the construction of the exhibits.

Teams will be also advised by professionals in the fields of physics, product design, communication and tourism. The winning team will be selected by a panel of four judges with criteria weighted as:

  • Scientific content: 30%
  • Suitability for visits: 30%
  • Product design: 30%
  • Reproducibility: 10%

After two days of fun, work and pizza, the teams will present their prototypes at the Globe in front of the panel of judges and members of the public. Prizes include ski passes, restaurant vouchers, spa treatments and tickets for the Automnales. The winning exhibit will also be re-engineered and turned into a permanent exhibit to be displayed at CERN and in the tourist information offices of the Pays de Gex region.

If you have a creative mind, a taste for teamwork and challenges, join us! Register at: