A community of practice for project management at CERN

Project management has been around for many years at CERN. New machines and installations are often designed and built using CERN Project Management tools and practices. In 2015, the best practices at CERN were assembled in the OpenSE standard, which has become the standard practice at CERN for project management. With increasing interest in the subject and the high level of expertise available, the standard is being considered for an upgrade and input from all practitioners is more than welcome.

For this purpose, a community of practice was created in 2017 to capture ideas and proposals on matters relating to project management, but also systems engineering, programme management and associated practices.

Since the start, the community has been growing rapidly and the mailing list now contains more than 260 members. If you have experience to share or ideas to put forward, please join us every four weeks on Tuesday afternoons from 5.45 p.m. to 6.45 p.m.

To subscribe, go to: https://e-groups.cern.ch/e-groups/EgroupsSubscription.do?egroupId=10268571.