Private parties in Restaurant 1 – new terms and conditions

As from 1 July 2018, only authorised private parties can take place in Restaurant no.1. The authorisation has to be sought, at least 48 hours in advance, through CERN Service Portal: Authorisation request to organise a drink in the Restaurant 1 extension.

The terms and conditions are the following:

  • Operational Circular No.08 Dealing with alcohol-related problems shall be observed.
  • Private events shall not disturb activities of the Organization in any respect. Any noisy disturbance has to be avoided after 22:00.
  • The party organiser bears the responsibility for the event and for security reasons, shall be on site for the duration of the event.
  • All participants have to observe CERN Code of Conduct in every respect.
  • The party shall be stopped at the latest at 23:30 (except for Saturdays and Sundays 21:30)
  • The furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) shall not be moved; any damages shall be borne by the organiser
  • Immediately after the event, the cutlery, plates and glasses shall be cleared and put back at the right place. The tables and the place in general shall be cleaned properly. The waste shall be put in the appropriate bins. Glass bottles shall be removed, no glass recycling being available at the restaurants. Any additional cleaning to be provided by the restaurant staff will be charged to the organiser.